Healthy Breakfast Sundaes

Summer’s around the corner and kids are going to be on a binge spree soon. Surprise your kids by making these super delicious and Healthy Breakfast Sundaes this summer! You can make breakfast sundaes healthy with all the ingredients you want your kids to eat, but in a fun and delicious way. And trust us when we say these can also be eaten for dessert!


  • Pack of Yolo Gelatto French Vanilla / Mango (80 gm or more)
  • Toppings: select your mix of fresh fruits. Mixed berries / bananas work best with majority flavors.
  • Granola
  • Dark chocolate chips
  • Nutella


  • Add a generous scoop of
  • Yolo Gelatto in a bowl
  • Top it with granola
  • Nutella
  • Add chopped fresh fruits

Chef’s Notes:
You can customize your Sundae with whatever toppings you and your kids like. You can also use peaches, different berries of even mango in this recipe.

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