We’d like to start our story by tweaking the famous saying ‘Discovery is the mother of invention’. In our case, it was ‘curiosity’ that led us to experiment and discover our love for Gelato. From being seasoned in dairy management and baking sought-after, premium patisseries for over a decade, founders Rinku and Amit Gokhran of Rinku’s D cake started experimenting along with Suhani & Nitin with one of the most-loved desserts which is synonymous to joy: a scoop of ice cream.

However, our curiosity did not stop there. We experimented further to curate a unique experience for those who love a slice of exclusivity in everything they do or eat. This process landed us in making artisanal ice creams. The outcome of this experiment received an overwhelming response from our family and friends.


This is when we decided to share this joy with all of you. The name ‘YOLO Gelatto’ comes from the millennial slang ‘You Only Live Once’, so our endeavor is to always give you the best.

Our range of icecreams, with rich and creamy texture and a dense flavour, are made to enrich your celebrations and turn ordinary moments into occasions. After all, what is life if not a series of moments, big and small.

We hope our labor of love finds a place in your moments and makes them delightful with every bite.

Life is unpredictable, but gelato isn’t. That’s the fun factor of it.

Like we always say, You Only Live Once, here’s us giving our best to make your life more enjoyable with a tub of Yolo Gelatto that’s rich & creamy.

We’ve made your happiness our aspiration and we are going to get there one bite at a time!


Rinku is a veteran when it comes to desserts and has made a mark in the world of exquisite designer cakes which she is extremely popular for. Her creations are a rage amongst people who cherish customized designer delights. She has created complete made to order designer cakes for the Royal family in Udaipur as well as popular celebrities and socialites across the country. Her latest being a birthday celebration for Bollywood legend, Aamir Khan. Whenever she can get her head up from work she puts out her work on Instagram (@dcakecreations)


Amit, is a certified dairy technologist with decades of experience in the dairy and ice creams industry. His passion for ice creams transformed into undying love for gelato during a trip to Italy in 2016 and its never left him since. An idea he carried back home in 2016 finally took shape into what you see today at Yolo Gelatto. Fueled by his love for gelato and powered by his background, it just made the decision easier for him to plunge in to create Yolo Gelatto.


Friendship is for life and so is the bond Rinku & Suhani share, friends for life. And what’s more fun is when friends work together on things that they love doing. Suhani comes from the world of dance and is also a coordinator for Dance Movement Therapy. She loves desserts, a journey her best friend Rinku got her started on and so it’s no surprise that when it’s about creating Yolo Gelatto, both friends are in it together!


Nitin is the corporate guy of the team, who’s been actively engaged in the corporate world crunching numbers, driving alliances and partnerships and much more. He has over 12 + years of rich experience across industries where he’s been engaged in building and expanding businesses domestically and internationally. And so, a fun conversation with Suhani on creating a gelato brand soon turned into a full-fledged partnership where he now leads all aspects of expansion and strategy.