Gelato and ice creams are popular frozen desserts, but a few of you may know the real difference between the two. The most common assumption is that gelato is a fancy Italian name for ice cream. Well, you are right about just one part which is that, gelato is Italian for ice cream what you may now know is that gelato is way superior to ice cream in just about every conceivable way. And there’s a reason why gelato is gelato and ice cream is ice cream.

So, if you go to Italy and ask if you should have gelato or ice cream, you may probably just get some funny looks. Here are some fun facts that you should know why Gelato reigns supreme and why we are so much in love with it that we scream for gelato and so should you!

Bolder Taste

If you taste chocolate gelato back to back with chocolate ice cream you’d probably notice that the chocolate flavor comes through more powerfully in a gelato. This bolder taste profile is attributed to the fact that a gelato has less fat than ice creams, which essentially means the flavor isn’t as diluted out as done in ice creams and this gives gelato a cleaner finish.

Get More in A Scoop

And we are saying literally get more!

If you weigh an equal sized scoop of gelato and ice cream you shall find gelato to be heavier. This is simply because of the way in which ice cream and gelato is made. Both are churned but gelato is slow churned resulting in lesser air in the product and making for a more denser texture. So, in a way you are getting more frozen, creamy goodness with every bite whenever you choose a gelato.

Scoop Up in Style

Have you ever bent a spoon while scooping ice cream? Probably yes for sure and that’s because ice creams can get real hard to scoop whereas gelato due to its rich creamy texture is much easier to scoop.

Yes, it’s Healthy

Gelato contains lesser fat compared to ice creams which is healthier for you. More importantly it does not rob you of the joy of indulgence as it teases your palette with denser flavor and texture.

Bonus Fact

Dairy-free gelato is technically known as sorbetto (Italian for sorbet), and yes, most sorbettos are fruit-based. Most, but not all. Gelato is rightfully considered artisanal and maybe next time instead of going to an ice cream parlor you must try Yolo Gelatto to relish this true essence.

Until then you can order your favorite Yolo Gelatto and enjoy these delicious treats that shall blow your minds.

You will just love it!